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USI Italia Products

Long life, solidity and absolutely competitive performance are the main features of all USI ITALIA products: qualities tested by the company during the launch of new models by means of a selective control system.

"Chronotech" Automotive Spray Booth

From USI ITALIA, a standard product, distributed all over the world, tested by leading paint manufacturers CHRONOTECH a new sistem that revolutionized the paint and cure systems used by most body shops. CHRONOTECH is the Automated Quick Paint/Curing System. Chronotech is the most efficient way to paint and cure an automobile during all phases of the paint cycle - from masking to cool down. Designed for painting and curing any type of paint - high solid, solvent base or water-borne.
CHRONOTECH guarantees the optimun results for:

1) Quick cycle completion
2) Perfect flash off and curing of paint and clear coat
3) Low operating costs
4) Better Return On Investment
"Master" Automotive Spray Booth
Solid, safe and economical. See what our technology can deliver.

USI ITALIA technology, always at the forefront for reliability and safety, proudly introduces Master, the spraybooth that guarantees you top performance for your investment by combining the very latest in high technology and modern design. Plus, with USI ITALIA, you get more than the world’s state-of-the-art engineering team, you get a worldwide service group that is dedicated to making sure you get the most out of our technology. Technology that is recognized by leading automobile manufacturers and body shops all around the world.
"Fastech" Prep Station
New generation of quality.

The new Fastech preparation bays have been designed to increase body shop productivity and to facilitate working in a healthy and pleasant ambient.
In our Fastech preparation bays all the procedures for the preparation of vehicles or vehicle parts can be done.
The suction effect around the vehicle captures dust from sanding and any overspray residue, thus avoiding their dispersal in the surrounding ambient.