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Centerline Spray Booths

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Welcome to Centerline Spray Booths
Automotive Spray Booth installation.

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"Chronotech" Automotive Spray Booth

From USI ITALIA, a standard product, distributed all over the world, tested by leading paint manufacturers CHRONOTECH a new sistem that revolutionized the paint and cure systems used by most body shops. CHRONOTECH is the Automated Quick Paint/Curing System. Chronotech is the most efficient way to paint and cure an automobile during all phases of the paint cycle - from masking to cool down. Designed for painting and curing any type of paint - high solid, solvent base or water-borne.
CHRONOTECH guarantees the optimun results for:

1) Quick cycle completion
2) Perfect flash off and curing of paint and clear coat
3) Low operating costs
4) Better Return On Investment

Zhongda Automotive Spray Booths

ZD900 series spray booth has a complete range of downdraft booth to satisfy the various needs of body shops, also offer a wide variety of options. Our spray booths maintain a high level of safety and performance, together with top quality construction and materials.